Screen blank or unlit and black on Startup - MQ80 BIOS

MQ80 BIOS Settings

If BIOS settings are lost on the MQ80 Console the internal display will not function.

Check you have eliminated other conditions that may cause the screen to be off:

  • Screen is off because it has been turned off by changing the screen intensity.  To toggle on or off, hold the Control key and select the blue button  for the “X” encoder.
  • Screen is off during screen saver activation: touch any key or encoder to stop screen saver. 

If screen is still off , but the console appears to be functional proceed with these instructions to reset the Bios  

You  will need an external monitor plugged into the rear DVI port with an external USB keyboard plugged into the lower right USB port. 


  1. Startup the console and Enter the BIOS using the ‘Delete’ key 3 times on the external keyboard.
  2. Goto "Advanced", "Chipset Configuration"
  3. Select the "1440x900 24bit 2ch LED" option for the resolution (should be one above the 1280x900 option near the middle.)
  4. Select the primary output to be the LVDS output
  5. Select the secondary output to be CRT or HDMI
  6. Press F10 to save and reboot the console
  7. The console should now boot into MagicQ
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