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​MagicQ MQ80 - Steps to update the BIOS on older MQ80’s

This changes the BIOS so that the internal monitor (screen) settings do not get disabled randomly. 

You can re-enable the monitor settings using the steps in this document linked here

Please only perform this process if directed to do so by ChamSys Support.

  • Extract the file new BIOS file in the Zip linked at the bottom of this how-to,  and copy it onto a USB drive.
  • Connect a USB keyboard to the console.
  • Connect the USB stick with the extracted f BIOS file to one of the USB sockets of the console.
  • Power up the board
  • Enter the BIOS using the Delete key on the external keyboard: Press it multiple times during boot.
  • Navigate under the "Advanced" tab to the "Instant Flash" option 
  • Select the BIOS file from USB and flash 
  • The processor card will reboot (it will be slow to re-boot the first time).
  • MagicQ will startup.

BIOS is then updated.


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