51.10. All 10 S buttons flashing blue

If all 10 S buttons are flashing blue this indicates that the console front panel is not communicating with the console main processor.

This could be caused by a problem with the console main processor or the cable/connection between the console main processor and the console front panel. If the main processor is running and showing MagicQ on the screen then the problem is with the cable/connection.

It is possible to check whether the main processor is running:

  • Is there any output on the main screen? Do you see the boot procedure?
  • Connect an external monitor. Do you see anything on the external monitor during boot?
  • Connect a keyboard. If you press CAPS LOCK does the LED on the CAPS LOCK key come on?
  • Is the console fan running?

Note that on a MQ100/200/300 the touch screen is controlled through the front panel so the touch will not work in this situation. Connect an external mouse to click items on the screen.

To shut down the console use a mouse, or if there is no output on the screen using the reset button.

As the front panel is not communicating with the main processor it will not be able to shut down using buttons on the front panel.

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