I can't find a fixture when I try to Patch

If you do not find the fixture in your QuickQ console's library when using the find function on the console (by entering some of the name of the fixture):

  • Perform a Quick Search with our Online Fixture Finder. Enter the manufacturer's name and the Number of DMX Channels only.

Found one? - Yes - Install Today's Fixture Library (we update our library daily). Copy the heads.all file to a USB stick and load it on the console. Use the File menu and then use the Install Fixture Library File button. Give it a few minutes to re-index the heads.

Found one? - No

  • Perform a Detail Search with our Online Fixture Finder, for a similar or exact match alternate personality to use. Don't enter the manufacturer's name, enter only DMX Channel information.

Found one? - Yes - As above

Found one? - No

  • We will build one for you. Request a Fixture File at this link. Fill out all of the details and enclose the manufactures data for the DMX chart and we will get it sent back to you in around 24 hrs. Once returned install as above.
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