QuickQ - I can't find a fixture when I try to Patch

No fixture found QuickQ in Patch when using the find function on the console:

  • Perform a Quick Search with our Online Fixture Finder. Enter the manufacturer's name and the Number of DMX Channels only.

Found one? - Yes - Install Today's Fixture Library (we update our library daily). 

  • Copy the heads.all file to a USB stick and insert the stick in the console. 
  • Got the Main menu, Files then use the Install Fixture Library File button. 
  • Give it a few minutes to re-index the heads.
Found one? - No
  • Perform a Detail Search with our Online Fixture Finder, for a similar or exact match alternate personality to use. Don't enter the manufacturer's name, enter only DMX Channel information.

Found one? - Yes - As above

Found one? - No

  • We will build one for you. Request a Fixture File at this link. 
  • Enclose the manufactures data for the DMX chart
  • If your fixture has multiple modes please indicate which one is the most important to you and a date needed. 
  • Once returned install as above.
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