Mark Cues, and Move When Dark

Marked Cues are used in a cue stack to "Preset" LTP channels to their next programed position in a later cue, when they are at a 0% Intensity. This can be used to prevent seeing movements of position, gobo or color wheels when the fixtures are given an intensity above 0% in a later cue.  

Move When Dark is a setting that will enable this "Preset" to occur throughout an entire cue stack without having to set Mark Cues in between each cue in a stack.

To Use Mark Cues in a Stack -

  • record your cues into a stack

  • for any cue that you would like to Mark, put your cursor on that cue in the cue stack window

  • press the "Mark Cue" soft button

  • MQ will insert the Mark Cue as cue number "X".10 labeled "Mark Cue" with a wait time of "Mark Cue"

  • After inserting the Mark Cue, The fade and delay times for that Mark Cue can be modified the same as any other cue, this can allow for soft changes as the fixtures move to their "Preset" position to get ready for the next cue. 

To Use Move When Dark -

  • Record your cues into a stack

  • triple tap the "S" button for that stack or choose the "View Options" soft button for that stack

  • Choose the "Advanced" Tab

  • set "Move When Dark" to "Yes"

  • Once this is set to yes it well treat the stack as if there was a Marked Cue between every cue, and will "Preset" any LTP attributes for any fixtures that are at 0% intensity between all cues. 

**Note: once Move when Dark is set to "Yes" or "No" the playback must be released then turned back on for that change to take effect**

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