How to setup MagicVis on a separate computer and connect to a console

With a Console and MagicVis 

Download and install MagicQ software on a computer (windows or mac)

Connect an ethernet cable from the console to the computer, MQ Consoles have a switch built into the console so no crossover cable is needed. 

Check to be sure that the PC, and the console are running the same version of the MQ software, this can be found on the bottom left of the screen near the clock and will read as 1.x.x.x as the version number

On the Console: 

Go to Setup

View Settings, 


Set the IP address to a scheme following your network, IE. 10.0.0 101, Subnet to

Set the first 2 options in the Multi-Console tab to Yes

On the PC:

Turn off/disable wireless networks. ( It is strongly recommended you do not use WiFi to run the Vis, a direct connection via Ethernet ensures fast communication) 

Disable any firewalls and antivirus.

Set Network Settings on PC to a scheme following your network, IE. an IP address of, Subnet to (IP address should be within the same range but different from any other hardware on your network)

How To Set Static IP in Windows

How To Set Static IP in Mac OS

Open MagicVis, Go to File - Settings, Select the network tab. 

Choose the correct network adapter in the pull down menu, and confirm it is displaying the proper IP address.

You should see your console listed in the box below the pull-down menu, with the proper IP address and currently loaded show listed as well. 

MagicVis should connect. and automatically load the show from the console. 

With a PC wing and MagicVis

First, open MQPC and connect your PC wing

Then follow the same process as above however, on both PC's you should ensure any firewall and antivirus software is turned off, and IP addresses have been set within windows to match the scheme of your network. 

you may need to use a network switch between the PC's to allow them to communicate with each other, this should be a "dumb" switch, with no firewalls, or DHCP enabled. 

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