Curve Editor - System and current status

MagicQ now includes an inbuilt Curve Editor to allow users to create their own fade curves and effects curves. Curves are not specific to any fixture, they can be used on any fixture. 


The curve editor is not available on Compact consoles, only Pro2014, PC, MQ80 and MQ1000 The curve files will work on compacts for shows, you just can't edit the curves.

The Curve editor can be found in the FX Window > Curve Editor. 

  • Open the Curve Editor Window and select an empty curve (A Encoder)
  • Add more points to the curve using the ‘Add Point’ soft button
  • Adjust the curve to create your own user curve, using either X and Y Encoders on touch screen. 
  • Save the Curve using the ‘Save Curve’ soft button
  • To use a curve as a dimmer curve got to the Patch Channels Window (Patch Window, View Chans). There is a column in the table called Curve. Select the Curve column for the fixtures and press Set. The first user created curve will be called User 1 and so on.)
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