Updating Personalities - Mac

There are two ways to update the heads file on your PC. The easiest method to update the library is the following:

1) While your MagicQ program is running, click on the “Tools” menu (top left), and select “Update Heads”. This should then automatically download the latest heads.all file and recreate the head index to update the list of personalities. You will have to exit out of the program and open it again and the new personalities will be updated in the heads index

 2) Download the latest 'heads.all' file from this link,  https://secure.chamsys.co.uk/downloads/files/heads.all

  •  It should be copied into the heads folder. To locate this folder use the file menu at the top of the MagicQ window and select the ‘open show folder’ option

open the Folder named "Heads"

  • Copy the Downloaded head file into the heads folder and restart Magic Q

The next time that the MagicQ PC software is started after updating the heads.all file the updated personalities will be extracted from the file, and will be available for use. Please note: this may cause the application to boot slowly just this first time. 

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