Invalid Net

"invalid net" flashing indicates that there is a mismatch between the IP address in Setup, View settings, network and that of the LAN card in use on the laptop for network communication.

For networking and sending DMX over network Protocols such as Artnet and ACN on the Computer and Wing systems this needs to be the same.This "tells" the MagicQ software which network device to use.

If you are not sending DMX over the network connection this will not apply. 

To assign  the correct IP address in MagicQ on a computer and/or wing system:

  • Navigate to Setup, 

  • View Settings,

  • network. 

Doubleclick on the IP address and choose the network device you are using to connect over or send Network DMX over. 

Check your subnet is set to

To set up networking on the computer - please refer to section 28.1.1 here:

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