MagicQ Log Files - Where to find

Log files are created each time the console is started. - the file name has the time and date (This is the time and date set on the console which may be different from the actual time and date). Use option #1 on consoles and option #2 on Software.

Option #1 - CONSOLES

  • Insert a USB
  • Press Setup

  •          View System

  •          View Status

  •          Then Save Support

  •          Then Choose “Save Log to USB”

Option #2 - Software only

  • To access the log file: Open File Manager or Finder
  • Navigate to Documents/MagicQ/Log
  • Copy the last 3 log files generated to send to Support if requested. Also, include a copy of the Show file .SHW and the .XHW file from the show folder Documents/MagicQ/Show

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