Intermediate Training Topics

1st Topics

DMX Output
  • Setting up DMX outputs in the I/O window
  • DMX input and merging
  • using other visualisers
  • testing a whole universe
Advanced Patch functions
  • Cloning & Morphing
  • Copy Head programming
  • Mins/Max and Limits on attributes
Cue Stack Options
  • Playback Holdover
  • Playback Priority
  • Release Attributes
  • Group Masters
  • Speed Masters
  • Size Masters
Multi Element Fixture Control
  • Dealing with Multi element/Duplicate style fixtures
  • How to control sub parts/selections of fixtures
  • Difference between IND/DUP mode of control 
Execute Window
  • Introduction to Execute Window
  • Recording Cues to the window and item types
  • Copying Groups & Palettes

2nd Topics

  • Types of timecode
  • Internal vs external timecode
  • Cue Stack Time code
  • Timecode Tracks
File Management and Settings #2
  • Deep Dive - Settings
  • Importing shows
  • Merging Shows
  • Importing from Vectorworks
Pixel Mapping
  • Basic pixel mapping
  • Media window
  • Output Grid - Pixel Mapping
  • Output Grid - other uses - 2D View of vis.
Macros and Automation
  • Macro Window
  • Automation options
Networking and Artnet
  • Multi-console
  • Tracking backups.
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