MQ100 How to check the back up battery connection.

We will start with checking the connection on the rear panel. This whole process will take about an hour and a half all together. Thirty minutes of work, sixty minutes of recharge time.

We'll start with pulling out the rear center panel. Make sure you have shut down your console and unplug the power.

Remove the nine (9) black screws holding the rear center panel in place. Gently pull out the rear panel. You may need to unplug some of the cables in order to pull out the rear panel far enough to reach the connection we're going for.

The cable we're looking for is on the left side of the PCB (the same side as the power con connector) on the inside edge. There will be a black cable with a white connector on the end plugged vertically into the PCB. I have attached photos to help with this process.

Unplug this connector by pulling up and gently wiggling the connector.

There are two (2) female pins in the connector. Sometimes these pins can get stretched out and they loose their connection. Use a small screwdriver to gently squish the female pins to a smaller size and replug the cable. There is a right and wrong way to plug it back in.

Slide the rear panel back into the console and replace the screws. Plug it in and power on.

If this connection is were the problem is, then your battery probably hasn't been charging and will need to recharge. Leave your console up for at least an hour before testing. You may test your console by unplugging the power. If your console stays on we've fixed the problem. If it goes to a white screen we have fixed your problem, but your battery needs to be recharged. When possible, leave your console up and running for at least forty-eight (48) hours to fully recharge the battery. If your console shuts off completely when the power is removed, then we'll need to get inside and check the connections on the battery.

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