Ports Used for Control of MagicQ over Network

This document describes the communication ports used on MagicQ Consoles. For a full explanation of the usage and communication options please refer to the MagicQ Manual for your version of software.

MagicQ Remote App

The MagicQ Remote app communicates over UDP port 4920

Multicast Discovery (Multicast Router Discovery) is used to detect MagicQ consoles from the remote.

From Remote app version V4.1, setting a manual IP address in the app bypasses Multicast Discovery. This enables connecting to a console from the app on networks where Multicast is not allowed or possible, for example when connecting over a VPN.

MagicQ Inter-console Communications 

MagicQ uses UDP port 4910, TCP 4911 for the following MagicQ inter-console communications. 

  • Net sessions
  • Remote control between consoles
  • Multi windows
  • MagicVis syncing of data
  • Ethernet Remote Protocol

These two ports cannot be changed in the software or hardware. 

MagicQ uses port 6553 for synchronising playbacks between consoles in a network if this option is enabled. This can be changed, if required in: Setup > View Settings > Network > Playback Sync Port

Lighting Network Communication

MagicQ can output the following Lighting Control protocols:

  • Port 6454 Artnet I, II, III, and IV
  • sACN
  • Pathport Net
  • Strand Shownet
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