How to set up external monitors on the MQ40/60/70

VGA connected Monitor or Touchscreen 

  • Go to Set Up > View System > View Monitors
  • Change the Status field next to Ext 1 ( VGA) to Enabled. 
  • Assign touch as Touch 2 if it is a touch screen monitor
  • Change the Resolution field to the resolution of your external monitor. If you do not know the resolution of your external monitor, start with 1024 x 768. Once you select a new resolution, a window will pop up and say "Change needs a restart. Reset desk?" Select "Yes".

The console will now restart. 

  • Once the console has restarted, open the window you would like to move to the external monitor. Press EXT (key combination Alt + Media) -Your open window should now appear on the external monitor. To get the window back on the internal screen press Alt + Media again. 

You may need to change the "left" and Top" columns to get the monitor set in the correct locations in relation to the physical location of the console.

MQ40 or MQ40N does not support external touch monitors and should should only be used with a maximum external monitor resolution of 1024x768

Additional Monitors (3 Max) Using Network connected Monitors - MQ60/MQ70 only

  • Connect a computer with MagicQ installed to the Console using a network cable. 
  • Set Network Connections as below
  1. Download and install MagicQ software on a computer (windows or mac)
  2. Connect a ethernet cable form the console to the computer.
  3. Console: Setup, View Settings, Network. Set the IP address as 2.0.0.x2, subnet as
  4. Computer - Set the IP address of the LAN card as fixed IP of 2.0.0.x1 subnet as
  5. Turn off/disable wireless networks. Disable firewalls and antivirus.
  6. Ping the computer from the console - use shortcut ...2.0.0.x2 (three periods followed by the IP address.
  7. Ping the console from the Computer ping 2.0.0.x1 This last may not be necessary
  8. Open MagicQ and go to Setup, View Settings, Network and set the IP address for the software to use as 2.0.0.x1 subnet
  9. Ensure Remote access is enabled under Setup, View Settings, Multiconsole
  10. Laptop - Go to Setup View System, View Monitors and select Multi Windows Client and follow the prompts.
  11. Console - go to Setup, View System, View Monitors and enble net1 and set the resolution of the laptop screen and select if it is a touch screen.

With a PC wing and MagicVis - connect the two computers using an unmanaged switch

As above but substitute the following for #3

  • Turn off firewalls and antivirus on the computer you are using as a console (you always have it set as this as it will never be used to connect to the internet)
  • Turn off wireless networking (you always have this off as any networking foe the remote app would be via a wireless router)
  • Set the IP address on the LAN card of the computer being used with the wing to be 2.0.0.x2 subnet as
  • Open MagicQ software: Setup, View Settings, Network. Set the IP address as 2.0.0.x2, subnet as
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