​51.1 No Output

51.1 No outputs

Check whether MagicQ is operating correctly by opening the Outputs Window and looking at the data in View Heads. 

If the intensity or other attributes are not at their correct levels then check:

  • Are the Grand Master and Playback Master faders up?
  • Are Playback faders raised?
  • Is there channel data recorded in the Cues on the playbacks?
  • Is BLIND mode on?
  • Heads and dimmers are patched to the correct universe?
  • If the Outputs Window shows correct values then check the Outputs are configured and enabled correctly in the View DMX I/O view of the Setup Window. If you are using an Ethernet convertor box check that it is receiving data correctly. Check:
  • Outputs are configured correctly
  • Outputs are enabled
  • Is test mode active in DMX/IO?
  • If using network outputs check the IP address and subnet address are configured correctly
  • Try putting a test pattern on the entire DMX output - in DMX I/O set the test field to Ramp. The Outputs, View Chans, View

    DMX shows exactly what is being output on each universe.

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