SnakeSys - Updating firmware on a SnakeSys device using MagicQ PC

ChamSys does NOT recommend attempting a firmware update on SnakeSys products in a critical show environment.

SnakeSys product firmware can be upgraded from MagicQ software. The latest MagicQ software contains the latest firmware for all SnakeSys products. Download the latest MagicQ software from the ChamSys download site. In order to upgrade the full range of SnakeSys devices MagicQ must be running software version or higher. Please go to the Chamsys download website and download the latest stable version of the software. The link to the website is below.

First you have to find the name of the file for your firmware upgrade. Go to Setup>File Manager>Hard Drive>Up Folder and select the dark gray box labeled "firmware". You should see several files labeled "firmware_XXXX_YYYY". The XXXX is the product code and YYYY is the firmware version number. The product codes are:

  • SnakeSys B4 - 334A
  • SnakeSys R4 - 342A
  • SnakeSys T2 - 419B
  • SnakeSys R8 - 330A

The last four numbers of the file represent the version. The file with the highest number is the latest version. Make note of the last four digits of the file you are going to use. You will need to enter in that number to begin the firmware upgrade. Once you have that number, do the following:

1.) Connect the SnakeSys device to a MagicQ PC/Mac System via a network cable. It is advisable to remove all other equipment from the network. 

2.) SnakeSys devices ship with a default IP address in the 2.X.X.X range, in order to update the firmware on your device MagicQ must also be set to an IP address within this range.

3.) Set the SnakeSys device to be in ChamNet/MagicQ mode. Do this by setting all the dip switches to the "Off" position.

4.) In Net Manager, put the cursor on the ID of the device to be upgraded and press UPGRADE DEVICE.To get there, press Setup>View Settings>View DMX I/O>Net Manager. 

5.) You will be prompted to enter in the firmware version number. Enter in the last four digits of the firmware file you want to use and press Enter. MagicQ will install the firmware and restart the device.

Your device will now be upgraded and ready to use.

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