QuickQ - Remote for Computers

QuickQ Remote 

In certain situations, it may be useful to remote control a QuickQ system from an external source such as a Microsoft Surface PC or another type of laptop. When you download the QuickQ offline editor software to your PC you also get a program called QuickQ Remote.

To use simply open the program from within your device. Once loaded it will ask to connect to the QuickQ console or Rack. Your choices are the last connected device, a Manual IP, or over Wifi.  To use a wired connection connect your device to the console or rack with an ethernet cable, go into settings, and then network and set up your connection under the 'wired' section. 

To set up a wireless connection, our first bit of advice would be to save and print your QR code and post it so that you don't even need access to the actual console or rack to set up a remote connection. To establish the connection start the remote program on your PC and when presented with choices of how to connect press on the QR code option. This will bring up your camera app. Place the QR code in front of the camera and the connection will happen automatically. If you do not print out the QR code you will have to use the last connected device option, or you will have to access the QR code in the console or rack via the network section in the settings window. 

Once connected you have full control over the QuickQ system and have access to your layout screen, execute screen, the events page, and 10scene page. 

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