QuickQ - 10Scene Page and 10scene Button Stations

Please see this video or the following document:

The 10 Scene Page is a graphical software version of the 10 scene wall plates and is accessed from the main menu:

Just like the actual 10 scene wall plates or the 10 buttons on the front panel of the QuickQ Rack, it can be used to trigger EITHER  the firs10 execute buttons on the execute page or the 10 Playbacks. Choose the option you want in the 10scene settings tab.

Use the 10scene window to activate the first 10 executes by recording a cue to any of the first 10 execute buttons.  - see this article for more information on the executes page

Use the 10scene window to activate the playback by recording a cue or cues or a chase to the playback on the right-hand side of the console.

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