Setting up MagicQ PC to output Artnet, sACN, Pathport or Shownet

On the PC:

  • Install MagicQ using these instructions
  • Turn off/disable wireless networks. ( It is strongly recommended you do not use WiFi to run the Vis, a direct connection via Ethernet ensures fast communication) 
  • Disable any firewalls and antivirus.
  • Set Network LAN card Settings on PC to your scheme for the lighting network,  an IP address of, Subnet to (IP address should be within the same range but different from any other hardware on your network), or 2.0.0.x you pick the "x" 

How To Set Static IP in Windows

How To Set Static IP in Mac OS

  • Set the IP address and subnet in MagicQ settings to match the IP address of the LAN card of the computer it is running on. This tells MagicQ to use that card at that address to communicate

    View Settings, 

  • Go to Setup, View Settings, DMX I/O and enable as many universes as you need  - up to 64 and set the output type to the network protocol ("language") you want to send to the receiving devices - ie Artnet, sACN, Pathport or Shownet.
  • Assign the universe you are patching on in MagicQ in the Out Uni column if desired. Note in MagicQ Artnet the first universe of Arnet is 0-0 or Subnet 0, Artnet universe 0. In some other receiving devices this may be 0-1 so you may have to experiment with this setting if you do not know how the manufacturers of the receiving devices has implemented the first universe of Artnet.
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