MagicQ Basic Training Topics

1st Topics

Navigating the Console
  • Screen and console button layout
  • Windows - activating and using
  • Layouts - recording and labeling
  • Patching heads
  • Patching dimmers
  • Auto Groups and Palettes
The Programmer
  • What it is and how it works
  • Blind Programmer
  • Clearing with time
Groups & Recording Cues
  • Recording a Cue
  • Recording a Chase or a Cue Stack
  • recording to an execute window
  • Converting a Cue Stack from a chase to a cue stack.
  • Fade Times, Halt, Delay
Editing Cues
  • Include & Update
  • Record Merge Current Cue
  • Record Merge Multiple Cues
  • Effects - recording basic effects

2nd Topics

File Management and Settings #1
  • Saving and recalling shows
  • Settings, Cue Data and Console Data
  • Backup Files
  • Backup Archive
  • Load Show + Console
  • Recording Palettes
  • Defaults & Locate using and values
  • Times & Offsets on Palettes 
Playback Options
  • Cue Stack Options
  • Add / Swap
  • Default Playbacks
  • Blind Mode & Clear
Theatre Programming
  • Move When Dark
  • Follow cues
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