Updating Icons.all file - All Systems

Consoles - updating the Icons.all file

  1. Download the icons.all file found here
  2. Copy it to a USB Stick and insert stick in console.
  3. Go to Setup, View Settings, File Manger, USB Drive. 
  4. Locate the file and press copy button. Select the icons.all file. 
  5. Select Hard Drive. Select icons folder (darker gray). 
  6. Copy inside icons folder by selecting the "." 
  7. Reset or Restart the console. Setup, Hold Shift, select reset.

Computer Wings - updating the icons.all file

  1. Close MagicQ.
  2. Download the icons.all file found here.
  3. Copy it to C:\Program Files\Chamsys Ltd\MagicQ PC\show\icons
  4. Restart MagicQ. The icons file will be expanded ready for use.

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