Using QuickQ Visualizer

Once fixtures are patched in to the console they are automatically placed into the visualizer. 

To move fixtures around in QQ visualizer you need to be in the plot view. Go up to the menu bar up top of your computer and drop down 'Window,' from there you can choose 3D/Plot View.

Once in the 3D/Plot view you can see the 3D vis and it helps when you are moving things around to be able to see where they are in a 3D environment as compared to the 2d plot.  To actually move fixtures around use the plot view and make sure you are in Design Mode, once in Design mode you can click on a fixture and you will be given a teal colored tail. You can click on the fixture and move it and if you use the ball on the far end of the tail you can rotate it.

As you are moving and manipulating fixtures \be careful what view you are in. You can choose from Plan (top) / Front / or Side views and you can only move the fixture in two planes at any time in a view. So in front view you can only move items left/right and up/down but not back and forth. To move back and forth use the side view. However in side view you can only move things back and forth and up and down but not left and right. 

You cannot insert truss and other items as of yet in the QQ visualizer. To do so you would need to use MagicQ's vis & software to insert things like truss, forms, people, and other such objects.

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