Offsets - How to update all your focus palettes and positions in one step


  • you have a show that has been recorded in one venue. You want some move this show file to another venue. Typically, you would update your position pallets. Using patch offset you should be able to update many position palettes in one go. 
  • Another example, you have used MagicVis to pre-visualize the show, all positions and dimensions need to be matched to what I actually was hiding in the theater. For example, a couple of instruments may have been hung with a slight twist.


  1. In the previous venue show file or previs show file, record and label a palette with a "known location", for example, 0,0 on your stage with all beams small and tight for instruments that you want to use this method with.
  2. Record a cue to playback using this palette.
  3. In the new venue or venue, play this cue on stage from the playback.
  4. Visually inspect the outcome and adjust the position so that the result looks "correct" i.e., how it should look.
  5. Press Update and select Offset Patch.
  6. Test the other positions using these instruments.

Other uses:

  • Color Scrollers with the incorrect location of gels compared to other instruments, if repeatable.
  • Color Wheels out of calibration, if repeatable.


The offsets can be temporarily globally removed. Set up, View Settings, Mode, Visualiser, Auto insert, No Patch Offsets. This is useful if returning to previs after using onstage at an event.

  • To directly set Pan or Tilt offset, Go Patch, View Heads and enter the offset in degrees in the Pan offset or Tilt offset, P Off or T Off columns.
  • To remove the offset directly in the Patch, View Chans and remove the offset from the appropriate channels in the columns P Off and T Off. P=Pan, T=Tilt.
  • Offsets apply only to LTP channels, not to HTP (Intensity) channels.
  • The Outputs window shows channels with offsets in green color.
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