Where to find QuickQ visualizer and how to use

If your'e not seeing the inbuilt visualizer when you launch QuickQ, you can find it under Settings and there you will find a button to Show (or Hide) the visualizer (see pic below)
It sometimes gets hidden under the orange line below the visualizer and you may have to resize your window to see it.

To move fixtures in the QQ visualizer you can go into the menu on top of your Mac/PC and go into Window. In there you can choose Plot view or 3D/Plot View and in the plot view itself make sure you are in Design mode.
    -Once you start choosing fixtures you will see a teal colored handle on them. Using this handle you can move them around by just clicking and dragging and you can rotate them by using the circle at the bottom of the same tail that pops up once they are selected.

Just be aware of what view you are in (Per view/ Top View/ Side View) when doing so as they will only move/ or rotate in the direction that view allows


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