Setting Wing ID

Playback Wings and Extra Wings with Blue LCDs can have a Wing ID set for systems with more than one Playback or Extra wing. Hold down the lower NEXT PAGE and PREV PAGE buttons when powering on the Wing to get into the Wing config mode. From the menus you can then set a Wing ID.

To set the Extra Wing ID:
  1. Starting with the power off hold down together  the top left two <next page> <last page> buttons.
  2. Power on. 
  3. Use the Select Buttons <S> to increment or decrement he wing ID Number as indicated on the displays.
  4. Power off the wing and power back on as normal.

To set Full Size Playback and Exec Wing ID:

  1. plug the wing into power, and into the usb on the desk
  2. remove the armrest at the bottom of the wing
  3. you will see 4 holes close together then a 5th hole on the right spaced a bit further away that hole houses a "reset" button inside the wing
  4. with the desk powered up, using a small object (screwdriver or paperclip) press and hold the reset button in the 5th hole
  5. While still holding the reset button hold down the "Next Page" and "Prev Page" buttons on the lower bank of the wing
  6. while holding the "Next Page" and "Prev Page" buttons release the reset button
  7. The wing should boot up with a menu on the LCD screens allowing you to set the wing ID via the "S" buttons on the playbacks
  8. Once the Wing ID set hit the "Save" 
  9. then "Exit"
  10. The wing should restart and have the assigned wing ID allowing you to set the wing ID in the console to what position you choose in Setup>View System>View Wings> and in the "Wing ID" Column 
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