MagicQ Scene Setter Setup

Instructions for the setup of the MagicQ Scene Setter.

Load digi connect utility from digiconnect web site

For Windows 7

Set its IP address up using the Digiconnect Utility (you may need to power up the device whilst utility is running)

Select the device and set the IP address.

Changed the IP address to one in the 2.x.x.x range e.g.

In order to set up the serial to UDP you need to login into it.

In a web browser enter the IP Address of the device as set above.

login: root

password: dbps Set up Serial Port Change Profile UDP Sockets

Enable UDP port using port 6554.

Then set it to "Automatically Send Data" on to port 6554


Send when data is present on the line and match "mahC".

Untick "Send after following number of idle milliseconds"


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