Console starts in full screen execute

If we make the assumption that full screen execute and a password has been set in the execute window....even if unintentionally....then here are two current solutions.

1. Network into the console and go to the show folder and copy out and then delete the show file and the backup file that is loading on console start. Next time you start it should start from a blank show.

Then, send a copy of the problem file and we will get the UK team to remove the password. 

2. On start, hold down any flash button while console boots. This will load into the console software utility. Then, perform a "Reset to factory defaults" console will reload the default show."

On an MQ80 hitting enter multiple times while booting up will take you to the Software Utility screen. This is better than holding a flash button. 

The same command on an external Keyboard connected to the Neutrik USB connection on the console will work too.

NOTE if you use #2 - you will need to create a new show and start programming again.

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