Backup Console Setup

Chamsys consoles/PC's can be used in a main/backup configuration over a network, to do this you will need "Blue" hardware or the Rackmount dongle attached to a PC to unlock the multi console features in the software. 

  • Be sure the software is out of demo mode, and versions of software are the same on both the main and the backup console/PC
  • Setup your network to allow both consoles to communicate with the nodes being used (you will only have access to the lowest number of universe available on your network based on your hardware, IE if you have an MQ500 as the main and an MQ60 as the backup the maximum number of universes you will have backup is the 12 universes of the MQ60)
  • on the main console, click Setup

  • View Settings

  • Select the Multi-Console tab

  • Set the first 2 options (Enable Remote control, and Enable Remote Access) to "Yes"

  • Set "Net Session mode" to a session number other than 0 (This should be the same on all consoles in the system

  • Auto or Manual Takeover

  • The First console to boot and be in session will become the master, any other consoles that boot up and join after will become slaves, the show will sync with the master each time they join the session.
  • If the master drops off the network or shuts down the next longest running desk will become the new master and automatically (assuming you have auto takeover set)
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