Timecode, using Reaper on a Mac with a console and Outboard Midi Device

Physical Set up

  • Connect an external USB -MIDIi device to your laptop
  • connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI device to the console. (MQ80 or above)

In Reaper

  • Open Reaper and drop in Audio file that you want to work with (drop in the grey area) 
  • Right-click in the timeline and scroll down change it to hours/minutes/seconds/frames 
  • Double click in the grey area to create a new track
  • Go to top menu and go to Insert and insert SMPTE/ MTC Timecode Generator than stretch it out to match the audio track
  • Right-click in the white timecode box area scroll to Source Properties and click on Send Midi (MTC) and use the same frame rates you are using for your track (usually 30 or 29.97)  than APPLY and OK

On Your Computer 

  • Use the Applications-->Utilities-->Audio Midi Setup (or just search for Audio Midi Setup) 
  • Once open if you don't see the Midi Studio than go to top menu--->Window--->Show Midi Studio. 
  • Your Midi 'device' should be seen in there, Double click on it and make sure the box that says "Device is Online" has a check mark

Back in Reaper

  • Click on the word Reaper in top left corner -----> Midi Devices
  • look for your Midi Device (xxxBrandxxx) and right click to enable it and click Apply and OK
  • click on green 'route' buttons on your timecode track control 
  • Use the drop-down for Midi Hardware Output and choose your Midi Device

In Magic Q

  • Goto Setup--->View Settings--->Midi Time Code
  •   Set Timecode Framerate Type to the same you are using
  •   Set Timecode Decode to the type you are using Midi for Midi LTC for Linear timecode
  •   Make sure your cue stack is set to Cue timing
  •   Double click on the halt field to choose timecode

In the Real World

  • Press play in Reaper and you should see timecode In Magic Q running along with Reaper timecode. 
  • Program your show how you want on the console, as if you were manually hitting go for every advance of a cue (or insert follow cues, macros, etc...)
  • Hold shift and hit Record TimeCode - As timecode is going do your programmed show/sequences/whatever 
    Use the E Encoder to help dial in Timecode, have the yellow box on the timecode for that cue and simply turn the encoder

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