Exporting From Vectorworks into MagicQ to get 3D data for MagicVis and patch

Exporting From Vectorworks into MagicQ to get 3D data  for MagicVis and patch

In Vectorworks 2018 or later and MagicQ or later

1. Set up Vectorworks Instruments: Check you have the "Number of Channels" field set to the mode you wish to use the fixture in (this can be done manually or for newer instruments via the "Mode" drop down menu )

2. Set document preferences: to meters for shows under 100 metes wide, or centimeters for shows over 100 meters wide, MQ will automatically move the decimal when it detects shows over 100 meters making it 1.00 meters (if this step is skipped, patch and heads will still import but Vis positions will not be accurate) 

3. Assign individual Channel Numbers, universe, and address fields in Vectorworks: in the object info panel for each fixture. Channel number dictates the Head number when imported into MQ. if you use unit number for your head numbers in VW it's best to use the find and modify tool to copy the unit number field to the channel field before exporting the instrument data (this can also be done after export in Excel)

4. Export from Vectorworks: File>Export>Export Instrument Data, Select the "ALL" box in the top right to add all fields to the exported file, then choose Export and save the file.

5. Import that file into excel: follow the import window that pops up to be sure the imported document is formatted correctly

6. Edit Data if needed: in some cases, depending on instrument name, you may need to use the "Find/Replace" tool to edit the instrument type to correspond with the head file name in MQ , Example: if your VW file has Martin Axiom's in it, listed as an Axiom, you will need to change the Instrument type in the spreadsheet to be "Martin_MacAxiomHybrid" or the console will not be able to match the fixture in the spreadsheet to the proper fixture in the library (Tip: for large rigs with a lot of fixture types, to save time, make all fixtures "Generic_Dimmer" then once you import them into MQ you can morph those dimmers to the proper fixture types).

You will need to edit the column Color to be renamed Colour

6. Export from Excel; as a .CSV file, save to your show file or to a usb drive and copy it to your show folder on your console

7. Import into MagicQ: in Patch, select "View Channels" and then "Import Heads"  there will be some feedback in the CMD line to show it's importing the heads, 

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