2D Pixel Map Setup

2D Pixel Mapping Quick Start

  •        Open MQPC
  •        Start a New Show (Setup>New Show)
  •        Click “Patch”
  •        “Choose Dim/Media”
  •        Choose “Generic LED” from the popup window
  •        For this Example we will choose “VDIM”
  •        Patch 100 Heads “100@1-1  Enter”
  •        Choose “Patch It” in the popup window
  •        Choose “Yes” to insert first head into Visualizer in the popup window
  •        Go to “output>View Plan”
  •        Choose “Set grid Size”
  •        For this example we will do a 10x10 grid by typing “10/10” into the popup keypad
  •        Click and drag on the grid from top left to bottom right to select all spaces in the Grid
  •        Click “Set” type in the first LED head number (in this example “1” )
  •        Once Grids are populated select “Patch Pixelmap”
  •        Enter Number of layers (In most applications 4 layers will do)
  •        Choose “Group”
  •        Select your LED Heads in the groups window
  •        Set Intensity @100
  •        Choose “Color” use the A,B,C encoders to set the R,G,B channels to 0% - or a 000 value (Recording these color values as a Palette can speed this process up for future programing)
  •        Choose “Media”       Select your Pixel map server (usually Pix1)
  •        Select layer 1
  •        Begin modifying Media and FX to manipulate the 2D Pixel map
  •        See Section 22.3 of the manual for more detailed information on 2D Pixel Mapping
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