Virtual Dimmers on RGB Cells

Adding Virtual Dimmers to RGB Fixtures

  •        Open MQPC
  •        Start a New Show (Setup>New Show)
  •        Click “Patch”
  •     “Choose Dim/Media”
  •        Choose “Generic LED” from the popup window
  •        For this Example we will choose “LTP”
  •        Patch 10 Heads “10@1-1  Enter”
  •        Choose “Patch It” in the popup window
  •        Choose “Yes” to insert first head into Visualizer in the popup window
  •        Select the Heads you would Like to Put a Vdim On
  •        Hold “Shift” and Choose “Add VDim”
  •        Choose “Yes” to add VDim to selected Heads
  •        You will see a “Generic Dimmer” for each selected LED has been added to the Patch window. These Can Remain Unpatched and are noted by the “V” next to the Head Number showing they are a Virtual Dimmer for the Corresponding Head Number
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