Windows Driver install

--------Current Products that need this installation performed manually as below: 

Dual DMX 

Mini Wing

Discontinued Products that need this installation performed manually as below:

Chamsys MagicQ Midi/Timecode Interface 

ChamSys Audio Interface

Windows Driver install

  •          Connect Hardware
  •          Right Click on Start Button
  •          Select Device Manager
  •          Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  •          Find Hardware (May show as USB to Serial Converter)
  •          Right Click Hardware
  •          Select Uninstall - skip this step and go directly to Update Drivers below if your device shows up in Other devices and is identified correctly-
  •          Check “Delete the Driver Software for this Device” Check box
  •          Click OK
  •          Unplug Hardware
  •          Reboot PC
  •          Reopen Device Manager
  •          Plug in and power on hardware
  •          Locate hardware in Device manager
  •          Right Click and select “Update Driver Software”
  •          Select “Browse My Computer for Driver Software”
  •          Select “Let Me Pick From a List of Drivers on My Computer”
  • On Occation Windows will show a screen asking what kind of device you are trying to install, if you don't see the "Have Disk" just choose "Display all Drivers
  •          If Hardware not listed choose “Have Disk”
  •          Select “Browse” in the popup
  •          Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\ChamSys Ltd\MagicQ PC\MagicQ Wing Drivers”
  •          Depending on your Hardware Choose the Proper Folder and INF File
  •          Click OK to return to Update Driver Window
  •          Select Your Hardware from the Box in the Update Driver Window
  •          Click Next
  •          Confirm “Windows has successfully updated your driver software”
  •          Open MQPC
  •          To confirm Connection of hardware to MQPC goto “Setup>View system>View Status>USB Links
  •          Connected Hardware will show as a Text string under USB 1-9 in USB Link Screen
  • We do not recommend using ARM based systems, but if it is necessary then contact for assistance.

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