Upgrading MagicQ Console Software

Download the correct software for your console version from this link

  • Expert and Pro consoles - use .cde files
  • Pro 2010 consoles - use .cdx files
  • Pro 2014 consoles - use .cdc files
  • Compact consoles - use .cdc files

To install using USB memory stick:

  • Download the file to the USB stick
  • If you are using a Mac make sure you copy the correct file and not the "._" file the Mac generates.
  • Insert the memory stick into the one of the USB sockets. 
  • Select the File Manager from the Setup Window (Setup > View Settings> File Manager).
  • Select USB DRIVE and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the installer file
  • Click on the software file, and a dialog window will popup asking if you wish to load new software.
  • Select ‘Yes’, and the installer file will copy to the console, and MagicQ will automatically reset once installed.

The console keeps an internal copy of any previous installer files which it has used, allowing you to roll back to a previous version of software if necessary without needing to find the installer file.

How to activate an older version of the software
  • Select “Change Software” from the Setup, View System, View Status window.
  • Select “Yes” to confirm quitting from MagicQ.
  • The console will enter the software upgrade utility.
  • A list of software versions each with a simple number starting from the number 1 will be shown.
  • Type the relevant number of the version you wish to install on the console keypad and press enter

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