Setup Net Monitors

Connect a computer with MagicQ installed to the Console using a network cable. 

Set Network Connections as below

Download and install MagicQ software on a computer (windows or mac)

Connect an ethernet cable from the console to the computer.



View Settings


Set the IP address as 10.0.0.X subnet as where X is an integer between 1 and 254


Set the IP address of the LAN card as fixed IP of 10.0.0.X subnet as

How To Set Static IP on Mac OSX

How to Set Static IP on Windows 10

Turn off/disable wireless networks. Disable firewalls and antivirus.

Open MagicQ PC

go to Setup 

View Settings


set the IP address for the software to use as 10.0.0.X subnet (Must Be Same IP that was set Via the Computers OS)

Ensure Remote access is enabled under Setup,

View Settings, 


Console - go to Setup, 

View System,

View Monitors

enable net1 and set the resolution of the laptop screen and select if it is a touchscreen.

Laptop - Go to Setup 

View System, 

View Monitors 

select Multi Windows Client and follow the prompts

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