External Touch Screen Monitors

48.7. Touch Screen Settings

On PC / Mac systems touch monitors are set up under the operating system not under MagicQ.

MagicQ consoles support many different touch protocols - however we are reliant on the drivers available in Linux, so not all touch screens will be supported. We strongly recommend you check the protocol is supported and test a sample with a MagicQ console before purchasing a touch screen. We can not guarantee that any touch screen will work with MagicQ - the list below is for guidance only.

We generally recommend iiyama, Protouch and ELO AccuTouch and ELO IntelliTouch touch screens. Note that ELO Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) touch screens are NOT supported. Note that we currently do not support touch screens with multi touch support on the MQ60 and MQ70 Compact consoles.

For MQ500, MQ50, MQ70, MQ80 and Pro 2014 we have tested and recommend the iiyama Prolite T2336MSC, Hanns G HT225HPB, Asus VT207N, Dell S2240T & P2418HT and Viewsonic TD2421 Touch screens. Note these are not supported on MQ60/70 or Pro 2010.

For MQ60/70 we recommend iiyama Prolite T1531SR-B1 or Iiyama Prolite T1561SR-B3 connected via RS232 serial port for the touch - note that this monitor is not supported via USB on MQ60/70

We also recommend the ELO1919L model no E176026 and viewsonic TD2210 single touch resistive touchscreen - these touch monitors are supported connected via USB to the MQ60/70.

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