Enttec Pro Driver Update - Windows

Windows 10 and Enttec Pro  -  if you have upgraded or not disabled Windows updates.

While we do not provide support for 3rd party interfaces we have reports of users experiencing issues with Enttec Pro and Windows after upgrades.

To get the Enttec working to output with MagicQ you need to:

  • Go to Windows Device Manager, locate the Enttec Pro device (it may show as a serial converter), Right click and Select 'update driver software.'
  • Select 'browse my computer for driver software', then select 'let me pick from a list of device drivers on this computer.'

  • On the next screen select the ENTTEC DEVICE (SCREEN SHOT SHOWS OPTION IF YOU ARE INSTALLING A PC WING COMPACT) then 'Have Disk' and navigate to the C:// Program files/ChamSys ltd/MagicQ PC /MagicQ Wing Drivers/FTDI/chamsys.inf.

If you do not completely disable Windows Updates then the issue will recur as Windows will install newer, but non working drivers.

If the problem persists  - a sure fire solution is to purchase one of our MagicDMX USB to DMX dongles at www.magicdmx.com

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